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The Roku/Googel TV Stream
Global Family Empowerment Ministries Network TV (GFEM Network TV) and our use of Roku and Google TV allows
us to get web-based video content into a world full of worshipers and those that have not experienced Jesus yet. The Lord
has opened a wonderful door of opportunity giving you access to our video platform easily, economically, and efficiently.
TV has now moved to the Internet! In this generation the idea that videos are available online and on TV via the internet is no longer someone’s idea of something big to take place in some near future. The reality behind this statement is that ministries worldwide are seeking an effective way to evangelize to those that are spread abroad.
It used to be that TV was delivered over networks ABC, NBC, CBS; then it was cable TV, VCRs and satellite.
[What is Roku?]
Launching in 2008 the Roku was first introduced as the original Netflix streaming device for the home. Today Roku said it has surpassed 700 channels on its platform, offering consumers more made- for-TV entertainment than any other streaming device.
The Roku is about the size of an hockey puck with three models available starting at $59 and ranges to $100. Because the Roku is created to connect to a TV displays using either HDMI or composite video, it is far more effective than traditional challenges of pc steaming. Now television is moving into the next phase which is distribution over the internet and the Roku and Google TV stream platform is leading
All that is required a high-speed data plan so the cost are manageable.

Roku has a channel store and this helps the viewers find the video content. Much like Netflix is with family content Roku is geared towards "middle America" with no adult content available in Roku's Channel Store. Part of the success of Roku is that remote is simple and easy to use and the nature of Roku channels helps the user navigate through all the clutter to the really good videos. the way.
Global Family Empowerment Ministries Network TV (GFEM Network TV) is dedicated to helping churches reach the world on a global level.
[Quick Facts]
  • Roku has sold over 5 million devices to date with an estimated 15,000,000 users.
  • The average viewer on Roku watch 12 hours a week.
  • Last year Roku streamed one billion hours of entertainment.
  • The fastest growing category in the Roku "Channel Store" is "Faith based" with over 172 channels at the writing of this article.
  • Roku is also sold Canada and the UK. Roku is an open platform and anyone can launch a channel. Just as a church organization has developed a branded website they can create their branded Roku channel. Your church can launch a branded Roku Channel for public evangelism and to provide a solution for the elderly members.
  • [Why Roku and Google TV?]
    Your home, church or organization can get the best of internet video content with Christian streaming services designed with healing, teaching a holistic word and family focused programing that build the entire body of Christ.
    This streaming service is now the connection use to provide all the wonderful teaching, preaching and special programing specific to marriage, youth and personal development on the web straight into your homes, sanctuary and any other place nationwide, allowing us to touch and agree with people on a global level in Jesus name.
"Roku is very easy to use and provides a great alternative to huddling around the computer...the elderly members who are unable to come to church can now join our worship in high definition on their family room television."

Roku and Google TV can also be a solution for the district pastor who manages multiple churches.
Church planters can use a Roku as a means of connecting a home church to a larger church.
The Roku and Google TV platform  allow those who cannot make it to church to continue to experience the church service on their Family Room TV. Roku offers a turnkey solution for presentations. On http://www.roku.com/streamingstick you can buy the integrated Roku HDMI Stick a new and 3M projector for $300 as a bundle.
Roku and Google TV  allows you to get web-based video content into the worship space easily, economically, and efficiently. This free streaming service can be the connection from all the wonderful things on the web straight into their own sanctuary.
Global Family Empowerment Ministries Network TV (GFEM Network TV) is a development of  My Streaming Video Broadcasting Network. This dynamic ministry is driven by one source, The Holy Spirit. The purpose of GFEM Network TV is to reach the world with the kingdom principles presented to us through the word of God. We believe that this is a pivotal time in the spiritual and earth realm. This end time ministry provides biblical applications to change the entire person. We are Kingdom building minds developing kingdom minded people.
Website: globalministriestv.org   E-mail: healing@globalministriestv.org  
As broadband access increases in homes, studies suggest that people are watching less TV and spending more time online. Known as "light TV viewers," these people watch less than two hours of TV a day, and comprise roughly 31% of adults 18 to 49. We conducted a series of six new cross-media studies for TV and YouTube campaigns to find out if this trend would continue, and how it might impact advertisers in 2012. 
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