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Making Changes to Your Book

There are two points at which you may want to make changes to your book: Before it's published, and after. It's best to review carefully and make changes before your book goes to print. Doing so after your book has been published is time-consuming and expensive.

Changes Before Publication – $100 per round of 25 changes

When you first sign up, we'll ask you to verify that you're submitting the final manuscript that you want to see in print before we begin layout. But sometimes, when you see the book in layout form, you find typos, or even things you wish you'd said differently the first time around. Call or e-mail your changes before approving your book for print. After that changes are made, we'll provide you another pdf proof for review.

Printed Proof for Review – $100

Once layout and design of your book is complete, you'll receive a pdf version of it for review. Some people find it easier to review if they can see it as a printed book rather than viewing it on-screen or even printing it themselves. With this option, we'll print and send you a bound draft softcover copy of your book. The cost for setup and the first copy is $100. Additional copies of the same draft are $20 plus shipping.

Changes After Publication

Once your book has gone to print or has been published as an ebook, making changes requires that it be taken out of print and reassigned to a designer. Changes are made, then the manuscript or cover is sent back to you for review and approval. Upon approval, the book goes through quality control again and is uploaded and its internet catalog listing refreshed so that the new version appears to online retailers.
This process is expensive and time consuming, and is necessary for each published edition of your book. If you have both hardcover and softcover in print as well as an ebook, it has to be done for all 3 versions. The distributor charges us for this, and those costs are passed on to you. (for this service, Kindle and ebook are considered a single edition.)

Changes to a published book cost $200 plus $100 per edition. For example:

Softcover only: $300

Softcover and hardcover: $350

Softcover and Kindle/ebook: $350

Softcover, hardcover, and Kindle/ebook $400

If you require a new printed first copy of the revised book, or if your changes require more than 2 hour additional edit/design time, additional charges will apply.

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