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eBlast Pricing & Procedures


Blessings and thank you so much for considering us as a vehicle to assist with the marketing and promotion of your effort or event.

The Difference

Our list has a high percentage of leadership, currently 65% including: Pastors, Pastoral Spouses, Church Secretaries, along with other Paid & Non-Paid Staff Members. It is the perfect addition to any promotional campaign as not only does it reach one of the hardest groups to locate but also it reaches deeply within a myriad of organizations and ministries from coast to coast and beyond. It compliments and does not conflict with any other eBlast services reach and is the one of the most efficient ways of reaching the influencers of 1,000,000's. We are also excited to share that 82% of all whom have utilized our services, have at least seen their 'seed monies' returned, either in participation, offerings, ticket sales or registrations in as much 75% or our current workload is a repeat customer.

Our Service Options

We offer you a tailor made eBlasting campaigns that encompass the use of OUR 'Nationwide Ministry Database,' which is segmented by geographical region, and organizational affiliation. Upon request we can produce your high quality and truely professional graphic design / ad copy, and depending upon your region we may share with you additional eBlasting options from service providers in that region that we know and trust.  We also offer facebook advertising, on applicable (if available) existing pages and the ability to custom design a progam that reaches your target demographic throughout facebook.  We reach a nice group of working Christian professionals on LinkedIn and would be happy to produce a campaign with any one or all of the services listed above.

eBlast Time Structure

We send out email 3 times / eblast slots per day monday through friday and in emergency cases saturday.  Mon 12P, 1P, 2P -- Tue to Thr 10A, 12P, 2P -- Fri 10A, 11A, 12P *All times are Eastern Standard Time.  If a national eblast is going out during a specific time then that slot is considered filled.  We can accomodate multiple clients in a specific time slot regionally, providing that none of the regions conflict with given state reach.  In order to send out information we need two things: (1) your flyer and (2) your payment, once both have been received we will then begin the proof process, once your proof has been approved we may then go over the available time slots.  During the past summer we were blessed to have had clients in que with proofed and finalized eblasts 5 business days in advance, currently in the winter months activity slows a bit and sometimes upon your 'given proof approval' we can get things out same or next day with no additional charge / fee.  We suggest you get things as soon as possible to move forward and please try to give 2-5 business days to complete the process.  It is a rare occassion that we were unable to accomodate a client but please keep in mind that we charge a $50 rush fee for all 24 hour turn around services.

Flyer Format

Your event/efforts information should be sent in the form of a JPEG, GIF, TIFF or PDF file, yet any format should be sent as an attachment and not in the body of the email. Images / jpegs should be saved as close to 300 dpi as possible. Please note that all flyers should be created in an industry standard program such as Photoshop and be free from Typographical Error or Omission, do always include the: Who, What, When, Where, For More Information & Associated Costs.  It is our experience that if you create them in Word or Publisher the quality of your blast will be extremely decreased, in most cases due to clarity we can not accommodate files created by those programs, but if you must and the clarity issue is resolved then the rule of thumb you should follow is: no small fonts at all, all fonts should be as large and as bold as possible, images usually don't suffer much.  We send out all of our information at 600 pixels in width, you may send your information at that size or we will resize it for you at no additional cost.  If you need a flyer created, we can do that for you at a rate of approximately $100 to $150 depending upon content.  Also please note that when you submit a flyer for us to eblast that we save it on our server, encode it two different ways and restate the details beneathe the flyer in the proof, in as much if you submit a flyer to be sent and then want to swap it out, there is an additional fee of $25 per changing of the flyer.

eBlast Proofing

Proofs of your eBlast formatted MUST BE APPROVED prior to sending unless verbally or by email that procedure is waived. We review things as closely as possible yet it is your responsibility to make sure that there are no grammatical or hyperlink errors included. In short we only need a flyer and a cleared payment to set up your blast and send it out, once things have been received it usually takes 2 days or 48 hours to get a proof to you for review, after which time and once you approve the blast for sending, it usually goes out within 48 hours the longest wait time was one (1) week yet that was due to large volume. We must stress that every change you request ads on time to the finalization of sending and that with your paid order you get one initial major change to your blast once received or requested and one minor change, additions after that for information to be listed underneathe the flyer is $25 per change.

Payment Policies

Once the job is done, we request all payments before information goes out. You may ask: What is the quickest way to get a payment to us? Credit Card by phone is the fastest way, yet we will accept Paypal. You can log into your paypal account; hit the 'SEND MONEY' tab, a box will open requesting a e-mail address, please input e-mail:  network@kratosgroup.net
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Thank you again, for the consideration and potential opportunity to serve you, we do not take your patronage for granted or lightly. Should you have any other questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us directly at

e-mail: network@kratosgroup.net
Cell: 763-742-6842 e-mail: network@kratosgroup.net


National eBlasts

50,000 Recipients
1 eBlast Sending
2 eBlast Sendings
3 eBlast Sendings
⊕ Includes All U.S. Regions
⊕ International Contacts
Included on Products

Regional eBlasts

4,000 - 10,500 Recip
2 eBlast Sendings $125
*IL/NW IN/WI is $250
3 eBlast Sendings $150

*IL/NW IN/WI is $300

⊕ Regions Available

Social Networking

19,000 Pentecostal Recipents
1 @ $100, 2 @ $175, 3 @ $225
2,000 Women In Ministry
1 @ $25, 2 @ $50, 3 @ $75
18,500 Spanish Christians
1 @ $50, 2 @ $100, 3 @ $150
800+ LinkedIn - $50 each
⊕ Primary Social Networks
are Facebook & Linked In
⊕ Recipients reside on various
pages we administrate


14,000 COGIC Recipients
1 @ $150, 2 @ $250, 3 @ $300
eMail & Social Networks
10,000 PAW Recipients
1 @ $150, 2 @ $250, 3 @ $300
eMail & Social Networks
5,000 Baptist Recipients
1 @ $75, 2 @ $125, 3 @ $150
Our National eBlast Has
Great Reach Within
Full Gospel Baptist
African Methodist Episcopal
And More

























































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