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Direct-to-Editors™ Distribution:
  • LOCAL AND DAILY MEDIA: Direct-to-Editors™ targeted distribution to your choice of 1) the top 1,000 U.S. media at daily newspapers, major news weeklies, television stations, and news/talk radio; or 2) all daily media in a region like "Southwest."
    Top 1,000 Daily Media List
  • NATIONAL MAGAZINES: Direct-to-Editors™ targeted distribution to media at all applicable national trade and consumer magazine industry categories (as applicable to your news, such as "Books" and "Food" for a cookbook release).
  • WEEKLY OPT-IN: Each Friday, we send a summary of the week's stories from our clients to a "double opt-in" list of confirmed media who don't want daily news or want to use RSS. This opt-in list is always a minimum of 550-650 media folk. Additionally, a large number of interested parties subscribe to the "daily summary" opt-in e-mail sent each morning with the prior day's news items (powered by Feedburner).

Tier One Wire Service Distribution:
  • TRADITIONAL WIRES: We will submit your news directly to A.P. (Associated Press), UPI (United Press International), and Thomson-Reuters. These systems will choose to use and post your news item subject to their prevailing policy (they will refuse any "advertorial" material).
  • NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL SYNDICATORS: Apostolic Pentecostal Books and Literature Book Publishing has partnerships in place with many of the top news systems in the world, including HTMedia in Asia/India (same outfit hosting Wall Street Journal's Asia news systems); Contify, another syndicator in Asia; ProQuest, which serves the academic and public library networks; ASC/Morningside Partners; and placement of news directly into Factiva, LexisNexis; Gale Cengage; and others.

Reporting Features:
  • CLEAR TIME CONFIRMATION AND "QUICK REPORT": Once your release has posted and is starting to appear online, we send you a formal "clear time confirmation" by e-mail(*), showing how to find your story on our main sites, on Google News, and selected social network sites. Each release is presented in five distinct formats: article (HTML), print-friendly, plain text (UTF-8) for media, PDF for media, and RSS (with IE8 Web Slice). (*NOTE: clear time quick report is prepared by hand, and if your release posts prior to when we open, you will not get the confirmation until we open for business that work day.)
  • SITEWATCH™ PLACEMENT REPORT: Free hand-prepared Apostolic Pentecostal Books and Literature Book PublishingSend2Press SiteWatch™ report which shows links to sites and social networks we track that have posted your story within the first 24 hours, plus info on the number of media reads from our main site for your story during the first day. Report is provided in both MS Word and PDF formats, by e-mail, and averages 7 pages for this service plan.
  • PRTRAX™ DASHBOARD: Exclusive Neotrope PRTrax™ reader metrics dashboard provides valuable ROI metrics on how your story is being found in search engines and keywords, by country, language, and platform (such as mobile device vs. desktop PC), plus referrer data from blogs and social networks. Your account tracks data for all your stories, on multiple sites in the Neotrope News Network, for one year (or as long as you're a client).
  • MEDIA LISTS: All of our media lists ("where we send news") are found in PDF form, by publication, by state, and by industry topic, and may be researched prior to ordering services.
  • EASY READER TRACKING: On all news releases found on our main news portal, we provide simple and permanent tracking by unique page view, which can easily be viewed at bottom of the story page and requires no log-in. Unique visits are tracked by I.P. address, not "hits."
  Standard Features:
  • FREE PHOTO OR LOGO: This plan allows you to include one free Web-resolution photo or company logo (no ad banners). You may include a print-resolution (300dpi) image at additional cost. (Note: Most sites don't use image, but many do.)
  • FREE CONTENT REVIEW: A professional accredited public relations (PR) pro and experienced journalist will personally review your news release for common errors, advertorial issues, and problems related to what media expect to see. Minor typos will be fixed automatically (we try to catch all your errors, but we cannot guarantee to fix 100% of your mistakes - please ensure you provide clean, proofed copy to start with). Major errors in content, formatting, or language will require resubmission of corrected copy if it doesn't meet our minimum requirements (generally, we follow A.P. style).
  • ANCHOR LINKS SUPPORT: We have always provided live links to fully formed URLs (such as www.yoursite.xyz), but you may also have up to four (or within reason, see our FAQs page) anchor links around words/phrases to "deep-link" into your site pages, such as to a product page, white paper, or online demo.
  • FREE VIDEO NEWS RELEASE (VNR): This plan allows you to include an embedded video for your news (you must first host it on YouTube), to create a VNR. Ideal if you have a promo trailer, demo video, etc.

Online Posting Features:
  • SEARCH OPTIMIZATION OF NEWS: Neotrope/Send2PrApostolic Pentecostal Books and Literature Book Publishingess pioneered the concept of search engine optimized press releases (SEO+PR™) more than a decade ago (check Archive.org to see for yourself) and today we're still ahead of the pack in the persistent placement of news online. The value of this is that we've had clients receive media coverage a month, 3 months, even 12 months after a release issuance, simply because our system ensured the news could still "be found" by interested media online.
  • NEOTROPE® NEWS NETWORK EXCLUSIVE: All plans include exclusive placement of your news in the Neotrope News Network, which includes content sites like eNewsChannels.com, California Newswire®, Florida Newswire, Music Industry Newswire, Publishers Newswire, CitizenWire, and many more. Our network generates a minimum of 10 million page views per month, and only Apostolic Pentecostal Books and Literature Book Publishingcan get your news in front of this valuable audience (these sites have been widely quoted by BusinessWeek, CBS-TV Los Angeles, E! Entertainment, FOX News, PublishersWeekly, and hundreds more).
  • HAND PLACEMENT IN SOCIAL NETS: Apostolic Pentecostal Books and Literature Book Publishing hand-submits your news to valuable online sites like BX Business Exchange, Delicious, Digg, Diigo, Docstoc, Mixx, Reddit, Scribd, Twitter, and Yahoo! Buzz (as applicable).
  • TOP ONLINE NEWS SYSTEMS: All Apostolic Pentecostal Books and Literature Book Publishingnews is found in popular aggregators like Google News, Daylife, NewsBlaze, Mass Media Content, Moreover, Newstin, Pluck Blogburst, Sphere, and VerticalNews; in clipping services like CyberAlert, CustomScoop, eWatch, InboxRobot, and News Knowledge; in RSS systems like Alltop, Feedburner, Feedzilla, NewsisFree, Newstin, Red Tram International, Wikio, Zimbio, and many more.
  • RSS/JAVA: Apostolic Pentecostal Books and Literature Book Publishing has almost 500 syndication streams via RSS (both summary, and full-text 2.0 formats for every feed, by topic), JavaScript copy/paste, scrolling news tickers, and even a WordPress plug-in allowing anyone to easily host and pull our news into their blog, CMS, or aggregation system. (We have offered dynamic news streams longer than most of our competitors have been in business!)
  • FREE CUSTOM RSS FEED: In addition to inclusion in all our topical news feeds, we create a custom news feed just for your company!
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